Vanilla extract and almond extract

Are Vanilla extract (simply organic brand) and almond extract (McCormick brand) kosher for passover.


= Almond extract

=Vanilla extract

Both may be problems

Hi rabbi, 20 days ago LDH posted a question about vanilla and almond extracts. You said that the alcohol might be a problem but they verified that it was corn-based so you okayed it. How can I send the conversation thread to you? I’ve done some baking with the vanilla extract already.

Do a search (top right) and if it’s the same brand, it’s all good.

Yes, it was McCormick pure vanilla extract.


The vanilla extract says on the label sent that it is gluten free. Is it ok.

I don’t understand the question

Just to clarify @u4ik when I posed the question to McCormick regarding the alcohol content it was specifically for almond extract. Is it ok to presume vanilla extract would be the same?

McCormick’s alcohol is synthetic.
It’s no problem.