Vitamin on shabbos

If I take a multivitamin pill every day, can I continue taking it on shabbos?

Not prescribed by a doctor, just trying to be healthy.

If the Vitamins are recommended by a Dr/mumcha, yes. If you’re doing this on your own its a problem. If you notice on your own a difference if you skip one day, then it’ll be ok


Why isn’t it tantamount to taking medicine as a preemptive measure as the person is a healthy person and not a choleh yet

Because the Rav holds that you can accomplish that goal 6 days a week. He is not a big believer in the efficacy of vitamins per se, unless recommended by a physician as stated above

But why does it constitute a violation of refuah on Shabbos if it is takin as preemptive measure and the person is Healthy without an ailment

See Ohr Yitzchak volume 2

Thank you however my question is if the Rav goes like the Magen Avraham that even a healthy person that takes medicine is forbidden on Shabbos why do you guys hold that one may take Tylenol or medicine if the person dosent have a headache yet

lo haya velo nivrah! The Rav actually is stricter than most on Tylenol. It has to be nofel lemishkav. He does not arbitrarily allow taking Tylenol, surely not in when someone doesn’t have a headache.

Thank you however please defer back to your post on hand lotion where you only allow if one is a bari or nafal limishkav