Watches on Shabbat

A few questions about wearing watches on Shabbat:

  1. Can you wind a manual watch on Shabbat?
  2. Can you wear an automatic watch on Shabbat - which winds itself based on the movements of your hand?
  3. Can you adjust the time and date on Shabbat?


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Yes on all three

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What about “fitness” watches etc electronic that are always on. They measure our steps and other things, If the screen only comes on sometimes when you lift your arm, not always immediately, is it mutter on Shabbat ?

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Not permitted on Shabbat.

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Hi Rabbi Abadi, a good yom tov to you and your family? For winding the watch, does the watch have to be moving already?

For the sake of clarity, if the watch has completely stopped ticking one cannot wind it on Shabbat?

If it is an automatic watch that winds itself based on the movements of your hand and it has completely stopped ticking is it prohibited to wear on Shabbat?

One may wind a watch that stoped ticking on Shabbat. The same applies to an automatic watch.