Wawa Hazelnut Creamer

Water, sugar,corn syrup, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, less than 2% of sodium casein ate (a mik deriverative), natural and artificial flavor, added color, dipotassium phosphate, datem, polysorborate 60, beta carotene, carragreenan

Kosher for Pesach for all

Thank you! just want to confirm even for Ashkenazim - I see elsewhere that that Hellmans Light Mayo is for sephardim only, presumably because of the Soybean Oil. is the hydrogenated soybean oil, which is in this product, different or would light mayo also be kosher for all?

It goes by percentages. If we feel that the kitniyot will be 50% or more of a product, then we only approve for Sephardim. In this case it is a small percentage and therefore it’s batel (rendered irrelevant)


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