Wearing Ring While Washing Hands / Netilat Yadaim


Does one need to remove rings for washing of the hands / Netillat Yadaim?

I have a thin wedding band that I never take off and was wondering if it nullifies the netila.


If one never takes off the ring, it can be left on for Netilat Yadayim. Otherwise, it should be removed.

Does that include one who takes off his ring only at night? What if someone wears it all day, everyday?

Someone who takes off their ring only at night must remove their ring for netilat yadayim. The only time we say that you do not need to remove your ring is if you NEVER take off your ring. This is extremely uncommon. I do remember one person who’s ring was actually stuck on their finger so they literally never removed their ring from their hand. It was only after many years that they finally removed the ring by force.