Welch's grape juice

Is Welch’s grape juice kosher? It’s made from concentrate, which means it is “cooked” to get rid of some of the water – does this make it mevushal? Ingredients: Concord grape juice from concentrate (filtered water, Concord grape juice from concentrate), Concord grape juice.

Yes. Correct.

Is it so diluted that the bracha is shehakol and it may not be used for kidush?

Does this apply to any grape juice made from concentrate?

Hi Rabbi Abadi,

Is it OK to drink grape juice that does not have a hekhsher? (I know someone living in a another country where they have no access to kosher wine/grape juice. If they were to buy grape juice and boil it, would that be OK?)



If that is the case what about a commercial mustard in the US that lists white wine vinegar in the ingredients. ie dijon mustard from trader joes? Can we assume this juice is pasteurized prior to fermenting - on a commercial scale in the US?

White wine isn’t always cooked.

What about balsamic vinegar?

Same question. Case by case

So would all grape juice in the US be kosher even without hashgacha?

We can’t give a general ok. Post specific products and if we can verify the status, we’ll approve.