What is correct Bracha on Cinnamon or Cloves for Havdala

What is the reason we make Bore Mini Besomim by Havdala? In those cases when we use the spices listed below.
Ref. OC 297:2
Mechaber says on cloves, cinamon , nutmeg(?) and all spices that are edible, you make a Bracha
“Hanosen Le’reach Tov B’peros”


Im unsure what you are referring to in your reference to OC 297:2 (there it discusses smelling things in a bathroom) but maybe you were referring to OC 216:2. Either way, we only say “Hanoten reach Tov B’perot” when the fruit is edible AND has a good smell. In such a case, you would say that Bracha on the fragrance it emits.

The משנה ברורה brings down many opinions that question this halacha and they hold that the proper bracha on cloves is bore minei besomim.

Therefore, we say bore minei besomim.