When a woman is a nidda can she wear pants or shorts sleeves in front of her husband?

When a woman is a nidda must she cover herself in front of her husband the same as she would in public or can she:

  1. wear pants?
  2. shorts sleeves?
  3. uncover her hair?

All 3 queries that you listed are permitted when ones wife is a niddah.

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Why isn’t the elbows and above considered mikomos hamuchasim that the husband cannot see while she is a niddah

There is no issur of seeing mikomos hamuchasim. The issur is “Histaklos”.
Histaklos can be translated as “to gaze”. And as google defines it " to look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought"., that is prohibited.
If a person feels he has a weakness in this regard and even seeing will be detrimental to him, he should be strict on himself, but that’s not the Halacha that chazal were referring to when they prohibited “Histaklos”