Where to light menorah

Where is the best place to light the menorah? By the window, door frame, outside, etc

Dining room table where everyone in the house can see it. Nowadays the mitzvah is for the people inside.

See Ohr Yitzchak here

Is there a difference for askenazim? If everyone can see these menorah on porch (lots of windows) or inside by the window is dining room table still better?

Dining room is still better

does the rav prefer oil or candles?

The Rav lights candles.

Would Rav Abadi say that there is no difference in Eretz Yisrael? As Sakanah is not an issue, many have the minhah to light outside? But once lit those in the house don’t see it as it’s outside.

No difference where you are. How can we say today there is no sakanah anymore? Look what’s going on around the world.

Either way the chachamim made the change and said lighting menorah is no longer for the outside but for the inside. And that doesn’t change even if there is no more sakanah. Who says there won’t be a sakanah again and who says there is no sakanah today.

I saw in Israel the people seem to put it outside.

The Rav holds that lighting outside is incorrect.

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would be great to see a picture of the rav’s menorah some day

Here are some pics from last year.


thank you!

Why does the Rav prefer candles?

The Rav says the light of these candles burns a lot nicer than oil with wicks.

Interesting. Thank you