Zyn Nicotine pouches are they kosher?

Hello, are Zyn Nicotine pouches kosher?

Nicotine pouches are not eaten, they are placed in the mouth between the gum and lip so the nicotine can absorb through the mouth wall. I doubt the product is “edible”.

You may use the link above and click on “ZYN Basics” to see the ingredient list.

In addition below is an email I received from the company when we reached out to them for the ingredient list:

Thanks for reaching out! In addition to nicotine salt, ZYN contains only food-grade ingredients. These include a granulation agent, fillers, pH balancers, sweeteners and flavorings.

Here’s a deeper dive:
• NICOTINE SALT (Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate) Salt extracted from tobacco leaves used to deliver nicotine satisfaction.
• STABILIZERS (Hydroxypropyl cellulose) A plant-based food additive used to maintain pouch consistency.
• FILLERS (Micro crystalline cellulose, maltitol, and gum arabic) Ingredients used to add bulk to each pouch. Commonly found in chewing gum.
• pH ADJUSTERS (Sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate) Minerals used in baked goods to help adjust pH levels.
• SWEETENERS (Acesulfame K) Sugar substitute often used in beverages and confections as a flavor enhancer.
• FLAVORINGS (Food-grade flavorings) Natural additives used to enhance the taste of each pouch. *

*Natural Flavors is not an ingredient listed for Chill and Smooth.

Hope this helps, and thanks again!
ZYN Consumer Care!

Thank you!

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