Casamigos tequila

can we use this on passover?
100% agave azul tequila

Kosher for Pesach for all


Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
does it makw difference if the tequila is añejo?

Anejo means vintage or aged…
The big question is if it is 100% agave.

yes its 100% agave, i ask because my son in law mentioned its aged in sherry casks

Sherry casks have a slight flavor of wine. Wine is batel (rendered irrelevant) in other liquids when it is less than 1/6th. The sherry casks are meaningless here.

The ingredients are the same this year, is it still considered KFP?


And does that apply to the Anejo casa amigos as well .

Any 100% agave is Kosher for Pesach for all

An interesting connoisseur 's blog to read, he speaks of additives that they get away with infusing without having to mentiOn, and of course, aging in whiskey barrels that are sometimes charred in order to pick up the sugars from then whiskeys previously in the barrels.

  1. Do we worry about the whiskey barrels etc?

  2. Are the additives a problem if we cannot depend on some of the producers telling us that there are additives, even though the tequila is 100% fr agave?

Thank you for taking time to answer.

When they advertise 100% agave and they instead add a product with gluten, they can have some serious lawsuits. It’s not worth it for them. They’re not putting in pig. If they cheat a little by using sherry casks, it’s only adding a very minute amount of wine, which is batel in SIX parts. In reality the sherry casks are not dripping with wine. They’re dry and cleaned. Yes, they can cheat a little, but in Jewish Law we need much more than that minute trace ingredient to create an issue.

Hope you had pesach.
Is this veiw still the policy here? I noticed that there were only some approved tequilas on the list.

Seems like what R.Aaron stated is not correct since people soth celiac disease can drink any type of tequila. Also, alcohol is not under the strict rules of the USDA, rather under the surgeon general, thus they don’t have to label the ingredients.