Gas stove yom tov

I have a gas stove that I unplug and light with an existing flame on yom tov. Once it’s lit, can I turn it off, or do I need to leave it lit until yom tov is over?

You can turn it off when you’re done. Which means you gradually reduce the gas flow till the flame goes out on its own.
Some stoves you need to turn it up in order to get it off. That isn’t ok.

Hmm. My stove would involve turning the knob from low to high in order to turn it off. Any way to get around this issue ?
1.Would I be able to go and boil water or soup on highest temp so that I’m a millimeter away from off position and then turn it off?
2. Original poster mentioned unplugging stove. Is it okay to keep stove plugged in but turn on gas without allowing the electric lighting aspect to kick in ? (Like when I accidentally lean on knobs they turn on the gas without lighting…)

If you play around with your stove (not on Shabbat or Yom tov) you will see that as you turn it toward off, it goes higher and higher. Then keep turning it, and if you do it very slowly, it starts to go lower and lower till it is off. That last area is fine. It takes some practice to get it to the right heat level though. Then you can turn it off from there.

In regards to the electric lighting question, if you know your stove and you can bypass that, then it’s fine.