Gluten free?

If something has organic barley grass juice, organic oat grass juice, organic wheat grass juice, and the item is gluten-free and OU is it good for Passover?

I cannot be sure. The problem with the grasses is that if they allow the kernels to grow a bit, now we have pure Chametz.

But if that happens wouldn’t it have gluten at that point?

Probably would. If they certify gluten-free, then you are right. My mistake.
Yes, if it contains wheat grass or barley grass, but it is certified gluten-free, it’s kosher for Pesach.

Thank you for correcting me.

There is an oat product in the ingredients and of course oats are gluten free, but chametz. ??

I’m not sure what you are trying to say.

Sorry I was not clear. You said any kernels would be a problem. She said if there were kernels wouldn’t it have gluten (and the item is gluten free). You said probably. However if there were kernels of oats, then chametz might be present but the item would still be gluten free.

Yes. I get it now.
So, if the barley grass and wheat grass have kernels, the product cannot be gluten free. By certifying the product as gluten-free, they’re attesting to the fact that grass means grass and that they’re really careful. The risk of lawsuit because of allergies is strong.

So now, maybe they are careful with wheat grass, but not oat grass, because oats are naturally gluten-free. That’s a good point. Ultimately, oats is not really one of the five grains as you will see if you look into it. Now, we do not permit oats outright as for many years it has been accepted as chametz, and we don’t look for that kind of controversy. However, the fear of maybe finding kernels in wheat and barley grass is far fetched to begin with. Real chametz we don’t want to take that risk. For oats, I’m not concerned.

Please see this about oats.