Heinz distilled white vinegar

Kosher for Sephardim

Now 2019 just checking if it is still ok for pesach?


Is any distilled white vinegar brand with same ingredients also k for p or should I be checking?

I’m confused. Other replies seem to indicate (corn based) vinegar is kosher for all. For example 1) here , 2) here and 3) here .

My understanding was that Rabbi Abadi’s shita was that, since corn-based vinegar is just a derivative of corn, and not corn itself, any corn-based vinegar was OK for even for Ashkenazim who didn’t eat actual corn on Pesach. Please clarify. Thank you.

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Same ingredients in 2020. kosher this year as well?

yes. Heinz is fine for sephardim and those that eat corn.

Hi just checking if Heinz vinegar is still ok for Sephardim this year?