Sprouted Bread Sandwich with sliced cheese, olive and tomato. Which brochot Do I need to make? etc

What bracha or brachot do I make on the following sandwich.
Note: I never thought of needing to make separate brochot on the following sprouted bread sandwich…since I was accustomed to making sandwiches from regular bread.( Ha’Motzei) which negated the need to even think about brochot on the ingredients!

  1. Take 2 slices of sprouted bread ( Ha’Adoma) ( Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame Sprouted Whole Grain Bread | Food For Life )
  2. Toast as desired
  3. Add several slices of tomato (Ha’Adoma)
  4. Add 2 slices of cheese( She’hakol)
  5. Take one olive, slice into fine slices and add on top of the cheese ( Ho’Etz)

Add some salt and pepper / Seal the sandwich, slice into quarters and get ready to eat!
How many Braqchot do I need to make??

Is Ha’Adoma the only Bracha needed? OR
Do I make a Bore Pri Ho’Etz on a little piece of the olive
Do I make a Ha’Adoma on the bread and tomato
Do I make a She’hakol on a little piece of cheese



I thought sprouted grain was still hamotzi

See here for explanation

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I think this is a case of ikar and tafal, where the ikar is the olives (the toast is just a vehicle (proof of this is that you swapped the types of toast from bread to a different min, so you primary interest isn’t in the toast), and the cheese is just a condiment), so the whole thing should be ha’eitz. I’m interested to see what the psak is!

Haadamh should be enough for the entire sandwich. Enjoy!