Talit katan

Is wearing a size 22 Tzitzit with v neck dooriysa according to the rav shlita

The Rav holds you should be wearing 24"

so someone who wears 22 and less is not wearing tzitzit?

To quote the Rav (paraphrasing) “Don’t you want to be a yoreh shmayim? You should wear a 24”

Would there be a difference if the person is short and thin and 24 inch would wrap around him?


whats the difference with the size? i thought the different sizes were just for people who were larger?

If an article of clothing is too small it does not require tzizit, even if its a four cornered begged. For example a scarf. Or those exceedingly small talitot found in some shuls that cater to non observent congregants.
As to the optimum size, the Rav follows the opinion that it needs be 24 inches.

Can you clarify what you mean by 24’’? From the shoulders, or from the bottom of the neck line (or the slit, for some tzitzis)? Is this written in any of his teshuvot?

If I recall correctly one of the minimum measurements of tzitzis is 1.5 amot. If so, then according to the Rav, an amah is 16 inches. Is that correct? If not, how did he come to his conclusion?

Thank you

When you go to the store to buy the tzitzis, they should all be marked with a size, similar to other articles of clothing. Look for the one that say 24"

but here Rav Abadi talit katan shiur it says that the Rav doesnt count the hole for the head within the shiur, so size 24" doesnt fit (for wool model i’ve seen) because if you measure from the top of the slice (for T neck) or hole to the bottom of the tallit it’s less than 24" so you need size 25.5" to be ok with the Rav shita

Where did you get 25.5? The Chazon Ish wrote that a shiur amah is 58 cm which is is 22.8 inches. All size 24 talit katans have that length from the end of the hold down to the bottom

I have a wool one size 24 from probably the most famous manufacturer Mishkan Hatchelet with a T neck (slit)
I have mesured it, it is 120 cm in lenght and 60 cm width in all.
If I measure in the back from the bottom of the tallis to the start of the hole for the head it’s 56 cm.
If I measure in the front from the bottom to top of the slit it’s 57 cm.
So it doesnt have a amah of 58 cm in front and back while excluding the hole for head. It is why I was recommended the upper size because there the measurements fit.

I dont even mention round neck model because the hole is bigger so the measurements above are even lower

Thanks for the update. This is indeed a good question. For years size 24 was the size we were told to use. I wonder if anything changed over the years. I will do a little more research and get back to you.

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Any update on this?