Tequila 100% agave - all kinds

Is tequila with 100% agave kosher for Passover?
Blanco, Reposado, Anejo?
Made in Mexico.

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is it no longer safe to assume 100% agave is kosher/for passover anymore?

Correct. Each brand needs investigation.

What questions should be asked to the company? I thought that the law in USA is that tequilla means 100% agave

If all that is in Tequila is Agave, how are there different flavors. They add different ingredients

Can’t we ask this of all items? Wouldn’t it be batel beshishim as any additive needs to be less than 1% similar to why it is permissible to drink whiskey (not pesach) that may have been aged in a barrel used for wine (correct me if i’m wrong here)?

I’m not sure I understand your question. The issue here is most tequilas say 100% Agave. However that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ingredients.
In reference to the wine in the barrels, those situations are ok becuz wine nowadays (Yayin Stam) is batel one in six.

I can’t speak for @Jacks721 but I am confused because my understanding of the law is that if it says 100% agave, it means 100% agave

5.1.1 “100% agave”
Pursuant to Section 4.34 of this NOM, a product whose fermentation may not be enhanced with sugars other than those obtained from the tequilana weber blue variety Agave grown in the territory specified in the Declaration. For the product to be considered “100% agave” Tequila, it must be bottled in the bottling plant controlled by the Authorized Producer, which must be located within the territory specified in the Declaration.

This product must be labeled using one of the following statements: “100% de agave,” “100% puro de agave,” “100% agave,” or “100% puro agave,” to which the word “azul” [“blue”] may be added.

Please provide link to this.

Is this from the FDA?