Tillamook Cheese

http://www.kehillakosher.org/ This maybe the correct agency. Got the Simmons mixed up
These guys seemed to have merged with the OK. LOOKS LIKE GOOD CHEESE

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Hi is this kosher for Pesach also? Chag someach Stephen

The cheese needs a hechsher. Not good enough to rely on ingredients for cheese.

The Kosher version is Available a Treader Joes. Are you saying “That does not make it Kosher Lepesach” .It would have to be noted on the cheese"Kosher Lepesach"???

Cheeses need to be Gevinat Yisroel.

Just because a cheese has a hechsher and says Gevinat Yisroel does not mean it is also kosher for pesach. They are two different things.

To determine whether the cheese is indeed also kosher for pesach we would need to see the ingredients list.

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