Why is Glycerin kosher?

Shalom Rav,
Why does the Rav hold that glycerin is kosher?
From the research I have done, it seems that glycerin is sweet and is usually a by-product of animals.

Thank you


See above. Yes, this is specifically a vegetable glycerin, but there isn’t much difference on the final product. It’s not only inedible in its own form, it’s actually dangerous and there are instructions what to do or who to call if god forbid you swallowed some of it. It’s not considered Ra’uy Le’Achilah. I’m curious how you didn’t see this in your research.

And yes, food grade glycerin and non-food grade all have warnings in the box. Only a tiny amount goes into the food, thus the food is still safe. Drinking a glass of glycerin will put you in the hospital.

Thank you Rav.
There are two types of glycerin.
Food grade (known as USP grade) and non-food grade.
The picture you sent is of non-food grade. Even the product description from Chemworld says: “This product is not intended for direct food and beverage use. For direct food and beverage applications, use must use USP Glycerin that has final packaged in conformance to USP requirements”.

Food grade glycerin, on the other hand, is very sweet and edible.

No problem. I didn’t spend the time to read the whole thing.
Do you taste any meat in it from the animal derivative?? That’s the most important part of Hilchot Taaruvot.
The meat component during the process is rendered inedible, or at a bare minimum the meat flavor is removed. From a Jewish Law perspective it is not a problem. The Kashrut industry may have a different view.