US made breaded fish sticks

Can US made breaded fish sticks be eaten by checking ingredients?

No. We do not know which fish it really is

Thank you for your answer.
What makes a US manufacturer trustworthy to list correct ingredients but not to state the correct fish on the box?


US manufactured fish sticks bought in the manufactures package may be eaten by checking ingredients.


Is this US specifically?

Would these recent fish positions apply in Canada as well.

The recent decision on fish is based on responses received from the FDA. As of now we can’t approve fish in Canada. If you have some details regarding regulations in Canada feel free to post.

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What type of questions need to be asked?

What information would you be looking for?

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What agency regulates seafood in Canada and what are the consequences for non compliance.

The CFIA inspects all food in Canada. I don’t know the consequences of non-compliance. I link to their website as you would know what to look for more than I would.

Thanks this is helpful. We’ll reach out to them. Check back soon.

Does this apply to all fish or only fish sticks?

Only fish packaged in a US manufacturing plant where all the ingredients listed are kosher.
This does NOT apply to fish packaged at the local store like Costco does from some of their fish.

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has there been any updates on this?

Thank you!

Yes, please see above.

So just to be clear, in Canada, I would not be able to rely on the inspections and rules by CFIA?

Thanks again.

For Sea food it is unclear, therefore better to stay on the side of caution and not rely on them.

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Aren’t most fish sticks precooked and wouldn’t they still be subject to bishul akum restrictions?

See this thread.